A New Beginning

I have been writing “this and that on the farm” posts via my personal Facebook page for a couple of years.  Numerous people have encouraged me to start a blog. So here it is. Please bear with me while I figure this new process all out.

I am the owner of Out in the Garden Nursery, a speciality nursery in Molalla Oregon. My nursery, my farm, and my home are an all in one situation.  It’s hard to separate them. My intent of this blog is to share the comings and goings on the farm.  Some are good. Some are funny. Some are sad.  It’s never boring on a farm, that’s for sure.

Overall, it’s pretty quiet on the farm lately. We are experiencing the first real winter we have had for many years.  Mostly cold, but some snow and ice, but nothing like other areas in the region, so I cannot complain. It takes a little more work to keep the animals watered and double checks that everyone is warm and cozy.  The best thing about snow is it’s great beauty.  The gardens and our majestic oaks are amazing!   This photo was taken by our neighbor Christine, looking into our property and our signature blue house.

As time allows, will start introducing you to the various players on the farm and in the nursery, as well as keeping you posted on this and that on the farm.

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt.  ~ Carol


A New Beginning

4 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Christine Simms says:

    This is a great first attempt! Keep it up I love your stories. You should try going live as well that would be really fun to see 🤗


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