The Corgis

Our love affair with Corgis began in the fall of 2000. Earlier that early, we had lost our Cocker Spaniel, Tiffany, at 14.  She left a big hole in our lives and our hearts. As we began searching for our next dog, we decided to find a medium dog from a rescue or shelter.  Months of looking lead us to dead ends and disappointments. We started discussing a purebred. I’m not sure when we decided on corgis but I know when corgis found us.

In September 2000, we were at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, wandering around the horse barn. I noticed a post on the bulletin board for corgi puppies in one of the stalls. We found that stall, with no corgis but instead a note that they went to bed for the night. We ended contacting the breeders, Julie and David Mahoney of Pleasantstone Corgis. Before we knew it, we were at their farm meeting puppies. We had several to choose from, but I knew immediately I wanted the independent little runt, a little sable female.  It took a while to convince my husband, but that is who we took home. She was named Zoey and quickly because the love of our lives.

A few years later, we moved to a larger property and decided it was time for another corgi. Again we contacted Julie and David and on New Year’s Day 2005 we picked up Corgi #2, a tri-colored male we named Duncan.  These two were different in personality, which made a nice complement to each other. They became a huge part of our lives and we couldn’t have loved them more.  We had many years together and lots of memories to last a lifetime.

We lost both of them within a month of each other in 2015. Duncan first to cancer. He was only 10 1/2. It was unexpected and tragic, to say the least. A month later, Zoey to old age, just 3 weeks short of 15.  It rocked our world, for sure.  I felt the rug had been pulled out from under me while someone kicked me in the stomach. We had other pets, but being corgi-less after almost 15 years left us heartbroken and needing another Corgi to attempt to fill the void in our lives.

Once again, I contacted Julie looking for another corgi. We loved Zoey and Duncan so much, looking to a different breeder was not an option for us. While they had a litter of puppies, they were spoken for. I asked to be put on the list for the next litter and we began to adjust to life without The Corgis.  A few weeks later, Julie contacted me. She and David had a pup they had planned on keeping but after discussing it, they decided we needed her more.  We were elated!

We were sent pictures and updates of our new pup and after what seemed an eternity (it was only a month or so), we were on a road trip to pick up Corgi #3.  We walked into a room full of corgi puppies, filling our hearts with joy.  While we had seen pictures of the pup, until we laid eyes on her, we didn’t realize she was a fluffy!  It was such a pleasant surprise.  The next thing we noticed was she was all wet.  We watched her go to the water dish and start digging!  Not only did she look totally different from The Corgis, she had a completely different personality.  Allie went home with us that day and went to work on filling the void in our hearts and lives.  She is a joy and keeps us on our toes.

Before we had corgis, we had never met any and rarely saw any, although as my brother pointed out, there was a picture of corgis hanging in my bedroom as a child. I don’t know where that came from, but in hindsight it was a sign of things to come.   Must be the Law of Attraction.  Now that we have corgis, we meet them all the time, bringing even more joy into our lives. At this point in life, neither of us can imagine not having at least one corgi in our lives. We cannot say enough good about these smart, loyal, intelligent big-hearted dogs in small bodies.  We are totally hooked on corgis.

The Corgis